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An Austin original since 1949

The 9-hole, par-3 course has real grass greens with holes that are unique, fun and easy to play. Typical play time under 2 hours, except when we're at our busiest. Walk-ins only, first come, first play. We welcome golfers of all levels!

  • butler pitch & putt scorecard


  1. Have fun, be nice, swing easy.
  2. Each player to have a putter and at least one other club
  3. Play only one ball per person
  4. Boundaries: Fence on East, edge of roads on North and West
  5. Lost ball or ball out of bounds — two stroke penalty
  6. Ball in water on No. 7 — add stroke and play another ball from pond area
  7. Ball may be moved 2 club lengths from any man-made object
  8. Keep up with the group in front of you

  9. Every pitch mark you fix will add a future birdie to your account
  10. See #1
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No shirt, no shoes, no problem. No tee times—first come, first play. Open dawn 'til dark. Have fun, be nice, and swing easy.

  • Mon - Thurs:
  • $12 - per person
  • $8 - over 65
  • $5 - under 18

  • Weekends:
  • $14 - per person
  • $10 - over 65
  • $5 - under 18

*re-play is half-price; club + ball rental starts at $1